One of the best songs to help your toddler fall asleep

Ohh, you would never imagine, but the song, Children from Robert Miles has become our toddlers’ favourite song for sleep time.

I am working as a nursery teacher and teaching children between the age of 2 and 3. This week I found a CD in one of our drawers, and put it on to figure out, what it is on the CD. It was sleep time, so I was looking for classical or any other meditative music. So I put the CD on and the first track is the X File song! I loved the series, when I was a child, but that song is still so creepy for me… so I quickly went on to the next song, which is Children from Robert Miles. I love this one! My colleagues like it, too… So I decided to leave the music on and we will see if children will like it or not, they will sleep or not.

Actually it really worked! Children calmed down and fell asleep easily… I tried it on the next day and it worked again! I have to add, that the music was not loud, so children could not really here how fast the music was, they heard the piano mainly, I guess.

Here is the song and good luck! Please, let me know if it really worked for your children or not. It would be very interesting to hear others’ experience. My colleague told me, he wanted to bring a similar CD to the nursery next time so I will tell you how children responded to those songs, too.  See you!

I found this piano version of the song:

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