Video – How To Draw Mouth and Lips – Drawing Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

My name is Yoyo and I am an Artist and an Art teacher. I make free art tutorials: drawing, painting, sewing…I have created this video about drawing human lips. This is not a new tutorial actually, you can find its FREE DOWNLOADABLE jpeg version on my website: http://goo.gl/hrMibd

If you are interested in arts, and don’t mind to get free tutorials, sign up to my NEWSLETTER and be a VIP member! As a VIP member you will get special stuffs and free art tutorial videos, which are not public for everyone.

* BE A VIP MEMBER, sign up to YAL’s Newsletter: http://goo.gl/Jl5xYQ

* Feel free to come and visit my ONLINE ART SCHOOL: https://feelandcreate.wordpress.com/

* Are you an absolute beginner? Would you like to be an expert in drawing and painting?
Role into a 10 week drawing course and show off in front of your friends: http://goo.gl/NPhIhc

* Shall we be friends and share our ideas, artworks and opinions?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feelandcreate
Twitter: https://twitter.com/feelandcreate

Ps: The website is under construction but it is working perfectly.


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