Sea animals bon voyage!

I am so happy that my lovely sea animals are going to travel above the North Atlantic Ocean right to Austin, Texas.

I have sold them this week through my etsy shop ( check more hand made stuff by me here–>YoyoArtLab ) and I made a unique box for them to survive the flight. (a little present to my first customer)

austonlondon yoyoartlab

austonlondon 2 yoyoartlab

This box was made by me. I tore some pages of a newspaper and covered the box with those slices. I painted the box by acrylic paint, easy peasy 🙂 One of my art teachers showed me how to decorate something like this when I was in elementary school, I am so thankful 😉

and here is the sea creature set you can still buy from my shop:

Sea creatures set 1 yoyoartlab


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