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My new series: You and Me

You and Me is a cute series about relationships. It is about taking care of each other and showing love to our family. I dedicate these artworks to children and their parents, grandparents mostly.

First I wanted to create something with paint, felt and beads and then I got an other idea: creating something with salt.

So I thought that using this old technique I can get nice background for my animals. Now I am going to show you the artworks I made recently by salt and I am going to make a little tutorial how to use or how you can use this technique. It is pretty easy though.

Size: 12 x 18cm Materials: Felt+Watercolour+Bead+Salt on Extra Smooth (Hot Pressed) Grain Satine – The Langton, 300g/m

You can purchase them through my etsy shop, called Yoyo’s Art Lab. Thank you for reading and being with me 🙂


You and Me 2

Dolphins 1 frame2 yoyoartlab

Dolphins 1 details yoyoartlab


You and Me 3

Dolphins 2 yoyoartlab


You and Me 4

Dolphins 3 original yoyoartlab Dolphins 3 details1 yoyoartlab


You and Me 5

Turtles 1 original  yoyoartlab Turtles 1 details 2 yoyoartlab


The first piece of the series can be seen here: You and Me ❤


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