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My Mural Project – First Steps

Hm… Some months ago suddenly I came up with the idea that I want to be a mural artist… oh no, wait, first I was just thinking about to make cute paintings for children and then I thought that I can make those paintings bigger.

I have got a degree in Teaching Art  but now I am working in a nursery as an Early Years Practitioner what makes me more inspired. Hm, not really more inspired but this job made me think of different things in a different way than teaching in a primary school.

These children are so little… they melt my heart every time even if they are a little bit cheeky. It is so amazing how they love “reading” books and watching pictures, cards, photos…they smile, they look happy and they want that picture for themselves.

I am not sure why I was thinking about painting a mural that day… but I know that I love drawing/painting, I love making everyone happy with what I am doing, and also I love my job. So… painting murals or smaller pictures for children and their parents or friends would be nice I think. I am sure.

Well…I have already started my little mural business…You can check my website here: www.yoyomurals.com

I offer murals and big paintings for nurseries, schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants and for your living room…

There is a 50% discount on any murals of any sizes as I would like to extend my portfolio. Prices vary depending on the difficulty or intricacy of the design. Check the details HERE.

I will share this post as much as I can to promote my little business but if you can help me with sharing/liking/posting/commenting… that would be awesome! then you will be my superhero! 🙂

Here is my facebook profile, too: Murals by Yoyo

Thank you!

flyer for facebook 50 off yoyomurals jpg


New paintings this week 🙂

tea with my friends3 -etsy-yoyoartlab

Tea with friends

A/4, watercolour on watercolour paper

without saying a word smaller original yoyoartlab

 Without saying a word

A/4, watercolour on watercolour paper


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