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Choo Choo! Black and White Wall Decor for Babies (in progress)

Today I was painting a nursery wall picture for babies. I used only black and white colour as this combination stimulate baby’s vision more and also pictures with high contrast can entertain them more.

“At birth, a baby’s retina is not fully developed. The retina is the back layer of the eye that detects light. An adult retina can distinguish many different shades of light and color, but a newborn retina can only detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white. So while an adult can appreciate various shades of pastel colours on the wall of baby’s nursery, a newborn may only see them as one shade all blurred together.” – Visual Stimulation for Newborns –

Here is my first attempt to make artwork for babies. But who is going to drive the choo choo train?

Choo Choo yoyoartlab yoyomiyoko


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