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O is for Ola – Finished! :) Custom Typography Art , Custom Watercolour Painting

Hi there,

I have finished a watercolour painting for my friend, Ola. I have already posted an article about it here.

The only thing I need now is a nice white or light coloured frame…hmm.. let’s go to TK Maxx maybe I will find something cool 😉 by the way, I love going to TK Maxx even if I do not buy anything…

Okay let’s see… I hope Ola is going to like it, too 🙂

If you would like to have one for yourself or for your friends, family just send me a message to or visit my etsy shop and request a custom order at YoyoArtLab. (there are some similar typography artworks where you can request it and tell me your ideas what you really want on the picture) It is $25 / £15.38 without frame but with FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

Click on the pictures for larger view:

* Watercolour * 2B pencil * The Langton - Extra smooth (Hot Pressed) Grain Satine * Size: 16,4 x 23cm
* Watercolour
* 2B pencil
* The Langton – Extra smooth (Hot Pressed) Grain Satine
* Size: 16,4 x 23cm

O is for Ola - custom details - yoyoartlab

Some details

O is for Ola - custom details1 - yoyoartlab

The final touch:

After I finished with watercolour I often go back with pencil to give more character and contrast for my painting.

final touch yoyoartlab

Materials I used:

Eraser: I am a huge fan of Staedtler Mars Plastic (I ordered from Amazon, I think I have got 3 for a very cheap price)

Pencil: 2B Staedtler (for me it feels very soft compare to other 2B pencils, I love it, too)

Paper: it is an extra smooth hot pressed graine satine 300g/m from The Langton (amazing quality… I have bought it from Fielders in Wimbledon. They usually have nice offers, foe example this paper pad was originally £7.50 but that time I bought it for £5.63. I also love the pink haired shop assistant..

Watercolour: I have bought it from Fielders as well. The brand is: Daler-Rowney. It has 12 colours but I only use 7 usually… it is totally perfect for me, it was like around £10 if I remember right, I got it in 2012 and it is already 2014 and I still have a lot in it…

finished  yoyoartlabBye bye and have a lovely Sunday!


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