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Preparing for BP Portrait Award 2014

BP portrait award is “‘The BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery is the portraiture Oscars. For 34 years it has been the most prestigious prize in the genre.’ Mail on Sunday, June 2013″. You can read about it more here National Portrait Gallery.

I have big, huge dreams…even if I can’t win this competition, I give it a try. It is a great opportunity for practising how to paint in a different style I haven’t tried yet before. I have bought nice canvases, new brushes, new colours (acrylic)…and I can tell myself that at least I was trying and improving my skills.

My sitter is my boyfriend, Keisuke. He loves reading and wearing his white shirt so choosing the theme wasn’t hard. Actually he doesn’t really read that book just looks over it and think about somebody or something. Deeply in his thoughts, no one can know what he was thinking about.

After taking the photo I used grids in Photoshop to make drawing easier and more punctual. Learning from my previous artwork at this drawing I used orange pencil, which can’t be seen after painting on it not like black pencil I used before…okay, if you use enough paint you can hide the pencil, but…

So, here you are, the first steps…


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