Happiness for this evening

Thank you for Draw A Dot. for the beautiful post about my illustrations! Amazing, I am very happy for that, it made my day/evening/night :)

The post is here: Draw A Dot.

CHANEL SS HC 2015 - YoyoMiyoko 3

One of my illustrations of Chanel Spring-Summer Haute Couture 2015

More fashion illustrations here: Yoyo Miyoko

Video – How To Draw Mouth and Lips – Drawing Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

My name is Yoyo and I am an Artist and an Art teacher. I make free art tutorials: drawing, painting, sewing…I have created this video about drawing human lips. This is not a new tutorial actually, you can find its FREE DOWNLOADABLE jpeg version on my website: http://goo.gl/hrMibd

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Maleficent in progress… my version of the beautiful Maleficent

Here you are:


Pencil on paper. Size is about 20x40cm.



I allow you to download my works and share them with others as long as you credit me, but you can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.

Thank you ;)

BP Portrait Award is open!

NPG Gallery Record - Exhibition Image – Digital Copy

Artist: Richard Twose Title: Jean Woods 2014

Yeay, I was waiting for it…and finally it is open, so let’s get to work ;) I definitely will paint a portrait for this competition..huh it is so exciting!!! Anyone else? Here you go: http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/exhibitions/bp-portrait-award-2015.php

What to do and what not to do in Japan. Japanese Etiquette – new video :)

My Youtube Channel: http://goo.gl/8KD7kt

Hi Everybody,

I hope you are doing well. I am going to go to Tokyo very soon for a week. I am so excited that I want to share it with you and I am planning to make more videos about Japanese culture as I am very into it and my boyfriend is Japanese.
Also I want to learn in Japanese so making videos about it helps me a lot.

When I will be in Japan I try to make some vlogs and take lots of pictures yeaaay :)

I apologise for any mistakes in my English, I am still learning it… oh and hopefully I will be better and better in editing and recording videos ;) so please be nice with me :D

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