Valentino Open Call – CLOSED and the winner is…

There was an open call by DrawADot and it has just ended not so long ago. It was about Valentino’s MIME bag collection and I chose a beautiful red one:


I was so inspired by the theme of the open call and of course by the bags, therefore, I have made two illustrations but only one I could submit.

So here it is:

Valentino MIME - DrawADot - Yoyo Miyoko

About my artwork a little bit:

Size: A/4

Materials: watercolour on acrylic paper (yes, on acrylic paper, and it is not bad at all)

Watercolour is from Daler Rowney / you can get exactly the same set, what I have, from Amazon (cheaper then I have bought 3 years ago) I am totally satisfied with the paints and as I said, I have them for 3 years already… and I only run out of black and blue this month! and I am painting a lot!! so I think it is a great deal : ) / you can check it now by clicking on this link:

Daler-Rowney Aquafine Pocket Paint Set

Acrylic paper is from Fabriano / Pittura, cold pressed

Edited in Photoshop of course… <3

If you are interested about this open call, please click HERE

and if you are curious, who is DrawADot, click HERE

Check out the other 347 artworks on DrawADot’s Facebook account, which have been submitted to the competition: HERE

and the winner of this open call: Maria Solias

Illustration of Fendi Spring 2015

Fendi’s new spring collection is just amazing, elegant and playful at the same time. Yesterday I have started to make an illustration of a bag, jacket and trousers.

I use acrylic on a 30x40cm canvas. The orchid print reminded me of jungles, monkeys, colourful nature…

Here are some pictures of the process and the original photograph:

Fendi - Yoyo Miyoko Fendi - Yoyo Miyoko Fendi - Yoyo Miyoko Fendi - Yoyo Miyoko

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Portrait of Iggy Azalea – Newest project, personal work

So here is my newest project: painting a portrait of Iggy Azalea.

I use acrylic paints by Daler-Rowney, brushes from DaVinci on a 60cmx60cm canvas.

Yesterday (22/03/2015) I was looking for inspirations to paint one of my old canvases. That canvas already had a base with lots of warm colours, which inspired me more and…and then I found Iggy.

I will post a picture of the whole painting on the 25th of March here on my blog and on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. <— click

Until that time I post details of the painting everyday:

Portrait of Iggy Azalea yoyomiyoko

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