Wintery Angel


I am ready with my first Wintery Angel. (my plan is to make more and more to make a series)
It is an absolutely handmade and original artwork created by me. You can use it for home decoration or as a Christmas ornament… it is a beautiful gift for children, too.

It is available in my Etsy shop: HERE

Materials I used:

I have ordered this Family pack of Acrylic Felt from Amazon and it is super for making felt animals, dolls, toys and so on…just £6.55

Family Pack of Acrylic Felt - 30 A4 Sheets in 15 Assorted Colours

This glue is perfect for sticking felt! It is cheap and FREE UK delivery ; ) It is £4.89

Fabric Textile Glue Gutermann HT2 30g Card Craft Sewing

I do not have any problem with these threads so far.. I had to wait for it appr. 2 weeks because it comes from China, but it is very cheap and the quality is very good too. £2.10
SWT 24 Spools All Purpose Polyester Sewing & Quilting Threads 24 Assorted Colors Sets

Little Wintry Angels in process

angel 2 in process by yoyoartlab

Slowly I will be ready with my first wintry angel…but to be honest I am not sure about the result :/

Until that time I am making this why don’t you take a look at my Etsy shop? :)

Felt Forest Friends : ) new little animals


I am so happy to share these little guys with you finally. These are 100% handmade products, no sewing machine…They took me 4 days to make it (of course I was not sewing them all day long but it still took many hours) but they are ready now, and I am satisfied with the result : ) I hope they will make somebody else smile and happy one day.

You can check them in my Etsy shop, Yoyo’s Art Lab <– click here

Quick and Easy Tutorial on my other website : )

facebook pinterest openening pic

Hi Everybody, 

If you like sewing or you are interested in cute little felt animals, please check out my new quick tutorial : ) Have fun and have a lovely day!

Click here to see the tutorial: Felt Squirrel Tutorial

Thank you : )

Make your own temporary tattoo in minutes

Finally I have done with my new short tutorial about making temporary tattoos with printable sheets.

I used Silhouette (ordered from Amazon) and  I am very satisfied with the result.

Follow me through the steps HERE : )

The link above will take you to my other website/project, called Feel and Create alias YAL (Yoyo’s Art School).

Thank you for reading, have an amazing day ;)

Silhouette 8