Sea animals bon voyage!

I am so happy that my lovely sea animals are going to travel above the North Atlantic Ocean right to Austin, Texas.

I have sold them this week through my etsy shop ( check more hand made stuff by me here–>YoyoArtLab ) and I made a unique box for them to survive the flight. (a little present to my first customer)

austonlondon yoyoartlab

austonlondon 2 yoyoartlab

This box was made by me. I tore some pages of a newspaper and covered the box with those slices. I painted the box by acrylic paint, easy peasy :) One of my art teachers showed me how to decorate something like this when I was in elementary school, I am so thankful ;)

and here is the sea creature set you can still buy from my shop:

Sea creatures set 1 yoyoartlab

My first felt animal set

I have sewn 9 felt sea creatures and I am going to continue making more as I really enjoyed it. It took me a while but I am satisfied with the result.

You can purchase the whole set or buy the animals individually here in my etsy shop: Yoyo’s Art Lab

Sea creatures set 1 yoyoartlab

My new series: You and Me

You and Me is a cute series about relationships. It is about taking care of each other and showing love to our family. I dedicate these artworks to children and their parents, grandparents mostly.

First I wanted to create something with paint, felt and beads and then I got an other idea: creating something with salt.

So I thought that using this old technique I can get nice background for my animals. Now I am going to show you the artworks I made recently by salt and I am going to make a little tutorial how to use or how you can use this technique. It is pretty easy though.

Size: 12 x 18cm Materials: Felt+Watercolour+Bead+Salt on Extra Smooth (Hot Pressed) Grain Satine – The Langton, 300g/m

You can purchase them through my etsy shop, called Yoyo’s Art Lab. Thank you for reading and being with me :)


You and Me 2

Dolphins 1 frame2 yoyoartlab

Dolphins 1 details yoyoartlab


You and Me 3

Dolphins 2 yoyoartlab


You and Me 4

Dolphins 3 original yoyoartlab Dolphins 3 details1 yoyoartlab


You and Me 5

Turtles 1 original  yoyoartlab Turtles 1 details 2 yoyoartlab


The first piece of the series can be seen here: You and Me <3

My Mural Project – First Steps

Hm… Some months ago suddenly I came up with the idea that I want to be a mural artist… oh no, wait, first I was just thinking about to make cute paintings for children and then I thought that I can make those paintings bigger.

I have got a degree in Teaching Art  but now I am working in a nursery as an Early Years Practitioner what makes me more inspired. Hm, not really more inspired but this job made me think of different things in a different way than teaching in a primary school.

These children are so little… they melt my heart every time even if they are a little bit cheeky. It is so amazing how they love “reading” books and watching pictures, cards, photos…they smile, they look happy and they want that picture for themselves.

I am not sure why I was thinking about painting a mural that day… but I know that I love drawing/painting, I love making everyone happy with what I am doing, and also I love my job. So… painting murals or smaller pictures for children and their parents or friends would be nice I think. I am sure.

Well…I have already started my little mural business…You can check my website here:

I offer murals and big paintings for nurseries, schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants and for your living room…

There is a 50% discount on any murals of any sizes as I would like to extend my portfolio. Prices vary depending on the difficulty or intricacy of the design. Check the details HERE.

I will share this post as much as I can to promote my little business but if you can help me with sharing/liking/posting/commenting… that would be awesome! then you will be my superhero! :)

Here is my facebook profile, too: Murals by Yoyo

Thank you!

flyer for facebook 50 off yoyomurals jpg


New paintings this week :)

tea with my friends3 -etsy-yoyoartlab

Tea with friends

A/4, watercolour on watercolour paper

without saying a word smaller original yoyoartlab

 Without saying a word

A/4, watercolour on watercolour paper

You & Me – Nursery Art – Home Decor – Cute animals painting

This painting is about friendship and love, a great present for your loved one. You can put it in your living room, bed room, child’s room… it just needs a hook or blue tack. :) I used felt and beads to give 3D effect to it. I think it made it very cute and unique :)

I sell the original artwork. 

Size: 17.8 x 12.7cm
Canvas Board – Loxley + felt and beads
It comes without frame.

Price: £27.86 / $45

More details here—> YoyoArtLab (my Etsy Shop) 

and you can follow me on Facebook–> Yoyo Miyoko

Click on the pictures for a larger view:

you and me yoyoartlab 1


you and me 1 yoyoartlab


you and me details2  yoyoartlab

Choo Choo Train Black and White Painting for Babies and Toddlers

I have finished with this piece, too…Recently I am in a very creative mood and just can’t stop.

These little pictures totally fit into an Ikea frame like THIS but you can separate the paintings as you wish. 

Size of each painting: 12 x 17cm

Materials I used: Acrylic paint on acrylic pad from Winsor and Newton

It comes without frame.

Price: £18.53 / $30 * FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE *

* 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you changed your mind or you don’t like the picture just send it back to me in the same condition and I will give you full refund! No question will be asked. 

You can check it in my shop YoyoArtLab :)

Click on the pictures for a larger view:

cover3 choo choo train 4 yoyoartlab choo choo train 5yoyoartlab choo choo train 6 yoyoartlab

Good Morning, let’s get to work!

good morning

Beautiful Tuesday morning.

Choo Choo! Black and White Wall Decor for Babies (in progress)

Today I was painting a nursery wall picture for babies. I used only black and white colour as this combination stimulate baby’s vision more and also pictures with high contrast can entertain them more.

“At birth, a baby’s retina is not fully developed. The retina is the back layer of the eye that detects light. An adult retina can distinguish many different shades of light and color, but a newborn retina can only detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white. So while an adult can appreciate various shades of pastel colours on the wall of baby’s nursery, a newborn may only see them as one shade all blurred together.” – Visual Stimulation for Newborns –

Here is my first attempt to make artwork for babies. But who is going to drive the choo choo train?

Choo Choo yoyoartlab yoyomiyoko

3D Monogram art – Letter Art – Custom Monogram Typography

The outcome of my new experimentation :)

This simple and very decorative 3D Letter Art would perfectly fit for girls’ room or for your living room. Just simply put it on your desk or hang it on a wall or door. 

As it is 3D, your little one can learn about letter ‘A’ more by touching it and moving her/his finger on the letter. Also it is a great experience for babies as it was made by different materials so they can enjoy the textures.

Size: 17.8 x 12.7 cm / 7 x 5 inch
It is on a canvas board from Loxley, quality acrylic primed
It comes without frame and hook.


You can purchase it from my Etsy Shop, YoyoArtLab

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE 4 yoyoartlab 15  yoyoartlab 10 yoyoartlab

O is for Ola – Finished! :) Custom Typography Art , Custom Watercolour Painting

Hi there,

I have finished a watercolour painting for my friend, Ola. I have already posted an article about it here.

The only thing I need now is a nice white or light coloured frame…hmm.. let’s go to TK Maxx maybe I will find something cool ;) by the way, I love going to TK Maxx even if I do not buy anything…

Okay let’s see… I hope Ola is going to like it, too :)

If you would like to have one for yourself or for your friends, family just send me a message to or visit my etsy shop and request a custom order at YoyoArtLab. (there are some similar typography artworks where you can request it and tell me your ideas what you really want on the picture) It is $25 / £15.38 without frame but with FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

Click on the pictures for larger view:

* Watercolour * 2B pencil * The Langton - Extra smooth (Hot Pressed) Grain Satine * Size: 16,4 x 23cm

* Watercolour
* 2B pencil
* The Langton – Extra smooth (Hot Pressed) Grain Satine
* Size: 16,4 x 23cm

O is for Ola - custom details - yoyoartlab

Some details

O is for Ola - custom details1 - yoyoartlab

The final touch:

After I finished with watercolour I often go back with pencil to give more character and contrast for my painting.

final touch yoyoartlab

Materials I used:

Eraser: I am a huge fan of Staedtler Mars Plastic (I ordered from Amazon, I think I have got 3 for a very cheap price)

Pencil: 2B Staedtler (for me it feels very soft compare to other 2B pencils, I love it, too)

Paper: it is an extra smooth hot pressed graine satine 300g/m from The Langton (amazing quality… I have bought it from Fielders in Wimbledon. They usually have nice offers, foe example this paper pad was originally £7.50 but that time I bought it for £5.63. I also love the pink haired shop assistant..

Watercolour: I have bought it from Fielders as well. The brand is: Daler-Rowney. It has 12 colours but I only use 7 usually… it is totally perfect for me, it was like around £10 if I remember right, I got it in 2012 and it is already 2014 and I still have a lot in it…

finished  yoyoartlabBye bye and have a lovely Sunday!


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