BP Portrait Award is open!

NPG Gallery Record - Exhibition Image – Digital Copy

Artist: Richard Twose Title: Jean Woods 2014

Yeay, I was waiting for it…and finally it is open, so let’s get to work ;) I definitely will paint a portrait for this competition..huh it is so exciting!!! Anyone else? Here you go: http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/exhibitions/bp-portrait-award-2015.php

What to do and what not to do in Japan. Japanese Etiquette – new video :)

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Hi Everybody,

I hope you are doing well. I am going to go to Tokyo very soon for a week. I am so excited that I want to share it with you and I am planning to make more videos about Japanese culture as I am very into it and my boyfriend is Japanese.
Also I want to learn in Japanese so making videos about it helps me a lot.

When I will be in Japan I try to make some vlogs and take lots of pictures yeaaay :)

I apologise for any mistakes in my English, I am still learning it… oh and hopefully I will be better and better in editing and recording videos ;) so please be nice with me :D

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The great singer and dancer Fleur East liked my painting… oh yeay!

Yesterday evening (Sunday) I tweeted to Fleur showing the video I made, a painting of her…and she liked it, retweeted it…I am so happy that she appreciated my artwork :)

yoyomiyoko fleur twitter 1 yoyomiyoko fleur twitter 2

You can check the speed painting video here: http://goo.gl/idKC0j

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The X Factor UK 2014 – Fleur East – Speed Painting Video

Hi Everyone,

This video is about one of my paintings, it is a portrait of a great singer, Fleur East. She is singing in X factor (UK) this year, and she is one of my favourites.
I decided to make a painting of her as I found a very cool photo on the internet and I got inspired.
I edited the photo in Ps and painted to picture by using acrylic paints.

( Sorry about the video quality, I am still learning how to edit my videos :) oh and my accent… guess where I am from :D )

* My materials:

Canvas: 60 x 43,5 cm
Paints: Daler-Rowney Acrylic Paints
Brushes: Daler-Rowney watercolour brushes and acrylic brushes from Da Vinci

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Robin Grey – Every Waking Hour (Instrumental)

About Fleur East:

Speed Painting – Tuscany Painting

Hi Everybody,

I have started a series about one of my painting, and this is part 1.
It is a speed drawing video, where you can see how I did the sketch.

If you are curious how I paint this picture, click on this link which redirect you to my playlist and you can watch all the videos about it. Playlist: http://goo.gl/ZYJWmy

This picture was made for a mural design. I really would like to do murals, so if you know somebody that is interested in getting one, let me know ;)
My mural website is: http://yoyomurals.com/


Paper: Daler-Rowney Acrylic pad, 300gsm

Pencil: Maped Black’Peps

Music: Kakurenbo-Somatou

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